Stone-Crete Artistry is known for the luxurious warmth and exceptional beauty of its custom countertops. From private kitchens and baths to commercial spaces, we collaborate with architects, designers and clients to create just the right piece for each environment. We also create surfaces for wine bars, living rooms, outdoor barbecues, furniture, reception areas and more – bring us your creative challenge and our talented group of artisans will work with you to craft the design you’re looking for.

Technical specs and detailing:

  • Size: The maximum size for each countertop is typically 8 feet, although sections can be made up to 16 feet.
  • Seams: Many countertops require seams. Our seams are usually less than 1/8 of an inch in width and filled with grout that is custom matched to your countertop color.
  • Slab Thickness: Although slab thickness starts at ¾ of an inch deep, the edge can be 6 inches or more, creating a much thicker appearance.
  • Edge Style: Clients can choose from a wide variety of cut or formed edge details. The router cut reveals the unique beauty of the stone aggregate from within the concrete mix. Other styles include the eased edge, hand-carved, tooled, chamfer, backslant, and 3/8″rollover  Custom edge styles are always available.
  • Backsplashes: We can create a matching backsplash for your countertop, from 2 inches in height to dramatic, full-wall panels. Backsplashes start at ¾ of an inch thick; cutouts for outlets and switchboxes are optional.
  • Custom features: Integrated drain ramps, cutting boards, metal trivet stands, fruit bowl recesses and curbs for cutting boards can be integrated by request for added utility.
  • Sealing Technology:  We only use lithium silicate technology for our sealing process.  Sealed for a lifetime upon installation, no resealing is necessary!  Our sealer is not a topical coating but rather a reactive sealer,  using heat to expand the pores the sealer is forced into the pores to densify and lock up the surface providing a waterproof poreless surface, a second sealer component reacts with the first component and the concrete to provide a lifetime bond producing a natural feel and a beautiful finish for the longivity of your countertops!


From simple, modern elegance to intricate or dramatic designs, fireplaces are a big part of what we do at Stone-Crete Artistry. We work closely with our clients, designers and architects to transform ideas into functional, heat-resistant centerpieces for your living room, dining room or great room.


Stone-Crete Artistry’s integrated kitchen and utility sinks are designed to your personal specifications for a perfect balance of utility and style.  Monolithic in shape, each sink is a functional prep and clean-up system with customizable features such as drain ramps, curbs for sliding strainers and cutting boards, recessed soap dishes, and additional fixture and accessory holes built right into the counter deck.

Our integrated bath sink flows into the counter as one monolithic piece. The variety of shapes and sizes we create allows you to choose a form that best enhances the design of your bath and complements your choice of cabinets or stands.

With drop-down counter edges, any of the integrated sink and counter decks can be wall mounted to appear as if they are floating. Our craftsmen will work with your fixtures to optimize placement for both function and aesthetics.

To further enhance the unique artistry of each sink, we employ grinding techniques to sink contours and edges.


Our dense and polished concrete makes a perfect surface for desks, tabletops, benches – all kinds of indoor and outdoor surfaces. Envision Stone-Crete Artistry’s sensuous designs in any room of your home or office:

  • Living Room: Bookshelves, coffee tables, casework tops, fireplace surrounds
  • Bedroom: Bureau tops, platform beds
  • Bathroom: Vanities, vessel sinks, integral sinks, showers with basin and wall panels
  • Dining Room: Wine bars, table tops, farm tables
  • Patio or Garden: Benches and other seating, tables, and planters, outdoor fireplace surrounds
  • Office: Reception desks, conference room tables

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